There are three secrets to being a winning tournament poker player: volume, volume, volume. Knowing how to play online poker well is important, of course, but when you’re playing tournaments, it will usually take a while for your efforts to pay off. That’s because most of the prize money at Ignition Poker is awarded to the top three finishers. No matter how good you are at the game, it still takes a little luck to make it that far in any one tournament.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of tournaments to choose from every day when you play online poker for real money at Ignition. And there are thousands of dollars in bonus cash you can collect while you wait for that top-three payout. If you deposit and play now using crypto, the bonuses get even bigger, making it easier for you to keep your bankroll moving in the right direction. This road map will show you how to use all that bonus cash to become a boss at the tournament tables.


How to Use Bitcoin Poker Welcome Bonuses for Online Tournaments

Ignition Poker has several different bonuses that you can collect, but the most generous are the Welcome Bonuses for first-time depositors. The standard Welcome Bonus matches your initial deposit dollar-for-dollar, giving you free bonus cash that you can use to buy into tournaments. But when you deposit with crypto for online poker, you’ll qualify for the 150% Welcome Bonus, with up to $1,500 waiting for you to scoop.

If you aren’t using crypto yet, you’re missing out. This is the by far the best way to make online transactions, especially when it comes to online poker; crypto is both fast and secure, and it’s very easy to use. You can check out our Bitcoin FAQ and Help guides for more details on how to make deposits and withdrawals at Ignition Poker.

Once you’re up to speed and ready to make that first deposit at Ignition, make sure you pick the correct Welcome Bonus from the drop-down menu. Select “Ignition Casino Welcome Bonus” to get the largest package; this includes both the Ignition Poker bonus and a separate bonus package that you can use to play the games at Ignition Casino. The “Bitcoin Bonus” can only be claimed through casino play, not at the poker tables.


What Tournaments You Can Play with Poker Bitcoin Welcome Bonuses

You’ve probably noticed by now that we said “up to $1,500” in bonus money when you use Bitcoin for your first deposit. As with most poker/casino bonuses, this is money that you collect by playing – the more you play, the more bonus money you’ll earn. This is known as “rollover” in the gaming world. We’ll discuss this further in a moment, but for now, keep in mind that your bonus money will go into your Ignition Poker account one portion at a time.

Once you’ve received some of that free bonus cash, you can use it to buy into any of the tournaments you see on the schedule at Ignition. That includes both Sit and Go’s and the very popular Jackpot Sit and Go’s. If you’re a relatively new player, the standard Sit and Go’s are a great way to start building your bankroll; they don’t take long to complete, which means you can play more of them in less time, and you’re less likely to go on a “downswing” where you don’t earn any prize money despite your best efforts. Mix in some Jackpot Sit and Go’s for a chance to earn up to $150,000 in just a few minutes on the felt.

Sit and Go’s are also a great training tool to prepare you for the larger multi-table tournaments (MTTs) at Ignition Poker. The more players there are in a tourney, the more luck you need to finish in the top three, so consider entering more of the smaller-field events more often if you want to grow your bankroll as smoothly as possible. And as a quick rule of thumb, never spend more than 1% of your bankroll buying into any one tournament; spread that bonus money around several smaller tournaments to diversify your poker portfolio.


How to Roll Over Bitcoin Poker Welcome Bonuses

The rollover program at Ignition is based on Poker Points, our rewards system for frequent players. Every tournament you enter earns you a certain number of Points, depending on the size of the buy-in and entry fee; as you collect more Points, you’ll be awarded more bonus money, until you’ve cleared the entire $1,500 for your Bitcoin Welcome Bonus.

Your first bonus payment will take almost no time to clear. At 15 Poker Points, you’ll be awarded a quick $5, then another $20 once you hit 85 Points, and so on until you’ve received the full amount. You’ll have 30 days from the time of your first deposit to clear your bonus, so you’ll need to play quite a few tournaments to claim all that money, but Ignition Poker allows you to play up to 15 tournament tables at the same time, so that will help you reach your targets – as will playing the Sit and Go’s and the smaller MTTs.

Multi-tabling is like stepping into a hot bath: Don’t jump in all at once. Start with a single tournament, then add a second once you’re confident you know what you’re doing. If you’re playing well on two tables, try a third, then a fourth. Playing a simplified strategy where you fold in marginal situations will help you avoid getting overloaded mentally, and will also lower the number of mistakes you make at the tables. It’s the best way for tournament players to clear all that sweet bonus cash at Ignition Poker, so grab what you can while staying focused on playing well, and best of luck on the felt.