If you enjoy making bets on casino classics like Blackjack and Roulette, you’ll find several great live dealer games at Ignition Casino. And if you enjoy the thrill of making extra bets, then you’ll love the 777 Jackpot side bet, available only in Live Dealer Blackjack. With this feature, the thrill of Live Dealer Blackjack just got taken up a notch. Learn how Ignition Casino’s 777 Jackpot side bet can potentially turn your next round of blackjack into a big Ignition casino win.

An Intro to Live Dealer

Combining the fun and excitement of a live casino experience with the convenience of playing from home or on the go, Live Dealer casino games provide online players with the best of both worlds. All of the betting action is streamed live from Ignition Casino’s casino room, allowing you to interact with professional dealers in real-time. With Live Dealer tables available for popular casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and more, Ignition Casino is your best bet when it comes to the Live Dealer experience. 

A Progressive Jackpot in Live Dealer Blackjack? You bet.

Progressive jackpots are mostly found in slots games. Now, Live Dealer Blackjack players can also get in on the progressive jackpot action, with the chance to win big! Ignition Casino has a number of Live Dealer table games available for real-money play, but Live Dealer Blackjack is the only game that features the 777 Progressive Jackpot. Not only will you have the chance to beat the dealer, but you could also potentially hit that massive jackpot prize. So why not give it a shot? Who knows, maybe you'll be the next lucky player to strike it rich.

How to Play the 777 Progressive Jackpot Bet

The Blackjack Progressive Jackpot is a great way to some extra excitement to your Live Dealer Blackjack game, so you’ll want to know how to opt-in for this special feature. In order to qualify for the jackpot prize, you’ll need to start by placing a $1 side bet. This can be done by clicking on the ‘J’ located on the left side of your betting area. This is exclusive to real-money play, as any bets made using promotional chips will not qualify for the 777 Progressive Jackpot.

777 progressive jackpot side bet in Live dealer blackjack - Ignition Casino

Just like the name suggests, triple 7s are the key to winning a piece of the 777 Progressive Jackpot.

If the first three cards of your hand are 7s, you’ll win the Mini Prize worth $100. 

If you’re first three cards are red 7s, you’ll win the Mid Prize worth $1,000. 

Finally, if your first three cards are all 7s of diamonds, you’ll win the Grand Prize and take home the entire jackpot.

In case you’re wondering how you can land multiples of the exact same card, our Live Dealer Blackjack tables use a six-deck shoe. This means that at any given time there can be as many as six 7s of diamonds floating around in the deck. While only the front players can place the $1 side bet (players betting from behind do not qualify), winning hands will get paid out even against a dealer’s natural blackjack or push.

The Mini and Mid Prizes will be credited to your Ignition Casino account automatically, while the Grand Prize will be credited to your account following a brief review and jackpot verification. It’s worth noting that split hands do not qualify and a player is only able to win one jackpot per hand, meaning if you’re lucky enough to win the Grand Prize, you will not qualify for the Mini and Mid Prizes. 

Ready to Become Ignition Casino’s Next Big Winner?

We recently had one lucky player hit the 777 Progressive Jackpot, and you could be next! By landing three 7s of diamonds in a hand of Live Dealer Blackjack, Bryan won the entire jackpot prize and took home an incredible $293,000 to become an Ignition Casino Big Winner. When you consider that this massive payout came from a side bet of just $1, you can see why casino players are so excited about the 777 Progressive Jackpot. Watch to see the winning hand unfold and get a sense of the excitement that comes with this fun Live Dealer side bet.

Additional Blackjack Side Bets to Try Out

The 777 Jackpot feature is just one of the many cool side bets available at Ignition Casino. There are plenty of fun betting options to choose from at our Live Dealer tables, giving you more ways to cash in on the felt. Here are two more popular side bets you can play at Ignition’s Live Dealer Blackjack tables:

Pairs Side Bet

This fun side bet is all about making a pair. By forming a pair with your initial two-card hand at the Live Dealer Blackjack table, you’ll win an 11:1 payout on your wager. In order to qualify for this side bet, simply place a chip on the ‘P’ located on the left side of your betting area.

Rummy Side Bet

This interesting side bet involves not only your initial two-card hand, but the dealer’s up-card, as well. When all of these cards combine to form a three-card ‘Rummy run’, you’ll win a 9:1 payout on your wager. 

There are three ways to form a ‘Rummy run’; (1) having three cards consecutively ranked, (2) having three cards of the same suit, or (3) having three cards of equal rank. Any of these runs will earn you a 9:1 payout on your Rummy side bet. In order to qualify for this side bet, simply place a chip on the ‘R’ located on the right side of your betting area.

Now that you know how the 777 Jackpot works, take a seat at one of our Live Dealer Blackjack tables for the chance to become our next Big Winner.